Friday, September 17, 2010

Make your Symbian phone a full fledged Webserver

Fine Mobile Web makes your smartphone into a web server.

The web server is not a service software for specialists any more, instead it becomes an smartphone application for everyone to use.

Just by the operations on smartphone, you can install the web server (FineWS), sign-up for the Fine Mobile Web, select and install PHP applications which run on the web server of the smartphone, so that the web sites can be built to provide internet service in minutes.

Fine Mobile Web provides your smartphone with gateway service, thus it is possible to provide web service from smartphone without additional settings for data service of the smartphone.

The web site can be built on the Nokia and Samsung Symbian OS 60 (Third Edition fp1, fp2, Fifth Edition) smartphone, Apple iPhone, and iPod Touch via Fine Mobile Web.

Fine Mobile Web also provides download service for PHP application program packages which run on FineWS. On FineWS, you can view the PHP package list provided from Fine Mobile Web, select and install the necessary package on your smartphone.

1.>> Download and Install the package
You can download the FineWS setup package from on your smartphone or web server.
Please use Nokia PC suite if you are to download the package on PC and install into your smartphone.

2.>> Signup and setting account, If you have successfully installed the FineWS package, you can see it under “Menu->Installation”. Click the icon to run it.

3.>> When you run FineWS first time after installation, “Have you an account of” screen is as shown

4.>> If you have no account registered in Fine mobile web service, please select “No” button to sign up. You will see following signup screen.

5.>> User ID:
This is the user information to use the service provided by Fine mobile web. You should use lowercase alphabets and digits only, starting alphabet. The length is restricted to 4 ~32 characters.

>> Password, Confirm Password:
You should enter password by lowercase alphabets and digits from 8~32 characters.

>> E-mail:
Fine mobile web service sends sign up confirmation message and update information to this mail address.

6.>> When you press “Yes” button in the checking account screen, you will enter into setting screen.
Or, you can enter into the screen by selecting “Options->Setting” menu after running FineWS.

>> DocRoot path:
This is the path under which your website content files reside.

7.>> CMS (Contents Management System) is a web site through which you can release your content pages. You can use CMS management functionalities to install the CMS that you made personally or provided by Fine Mobile Web.

8.>> Please select “Options->CMS->Install” menu to browse the CMS list you can install.

9.>> And select any CMS in the list and press “Options->Install” menu item to start installation of the selected one.

10.>> You can also send an SMS to your selected friends defined, when your server starts. Go to options and select SMS >> Settings.

11.>> Please select “Options->SMS->Recipients” item to see the recipients and also add them from phone book.

12.>> Please select “Options->Start” menu item to start the FineWS service. Once web server started, you will see the status of FineWS appeared as “Running”.

13.>> Now, you and your friends can connect to your web server through URL: from any browser.

For example, presuming your ID is “dear”, you can connect to

In your local network, or on your phone, it will be much easer to connect your own web server. Presuming, your WiFi IP is, you can connect to

14.>> Here's the sample:)

15. >> Enjoy your mobile web server!!!


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