Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Connecting to internet on computer using gprs enabled mobile phone over bluetooth

Want to access internet on computer which is restricted to your mobile phone??
So here is the trick to use a simple WAP service generally provided free to users or at very less usage rates.

Most mobile service providers use proxy server to provide gprs facility to their subscribers or they are given predefined settings.
So the first thing you need to know about your wap/gprs service is to find its proxy server address and port no. and APN (ACCESS POINT).

For example BPL service provider in india uses as proxy address and port no is 9401 and the APN name is "mizone".


1.> Blutooth enabled mobile phone.
2.> Gprs/wap service activated.
3.> Bluetooth enabled computer.
4.> Windows Vista / Windows 7.

The first step goes upon like this,

1.>> Add your mobile phone to the bluetooth devices in your computer. and remember to complete the adding procedure properly, because it may seem that its complete but its not always, let all the important services be installed.

2.>> Dont worry if some drivers/ services were not installed. We need the standard modem over bluetooth service be installed. REMEMBER to allow your phone to accept connections while adding the bluetooth phone.

3.> After the phone is added completly, left click over the bluetooth icon to show up bluetooth devices, which lists your phone there.

4.> Right click over your Phone in the list and select "Connect using" ==> "Access point".

5.> By this click, it will start connecting to your phone like a dialup connection, Remember to check screen for activities such as authentication to allow the device to connect as modem.

6.> Done!!! the phone connects to internet sucessfully.

7.> The final settings you will need to make browsing are simple.

8.> Open mozilla firefox or any other browser to look for entering the proxy settings. Open "options" in firefox and select "Advanced" and select "Network".

9.>Enter the proxy settings as specified by your service provided by your service provider.

10.> Close firefox browser and refresh a few times and try browsing google first.
now you have your own wireless internet connected, you can use it anywhre while in bus or train, keep your phone in your pocket and surf the net. Enjoy!!


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