Sunday, August 12, 2012

How to create and configure CS 1.6 Server with WiFi Router

Aim of Tutorial: To Create CS 1.6 Server for Wi-Fi Router users.

Wondering.. Why hlds.exe shows 192.168.XXX.XXX:27015 as CS Ip ? not letting your friends connect your own hosted CS 1.6 server ?
Here is, a well explained way to host CS server via Wi-Fi router which will allow your friends to connect your cs server remotely.

Step 1: Find a good copy of CS1.6 Setup and Install as usual.

Step 2: Browse the C:/Program Files/CounterStrike Folder, to find a file called HLDS.exe with a Red-Icon.


Step 3: Run this file as Administrator, and "Allow" (OR "Unblock" for Windows XP) this .exe file pass through Windows Firewall Notification for both Public and Private Access (asks you only first time, tick both Private and Public). Then set UDP port as 80 instead of 27015 (default).


Step 4: Now, Open your Router configuration Page on a Web-browser. for example, (Dlink) to Port-Forward, the Port number 80 for your System (My system had this IP given to me by Router via DHCP). Visit here to know how to port forward ports in your router.

Step 5: Save the Port-Forward settings in your router and open, and search "My ip" to find your External IP address.

Step 6: Copy-Paste that External IP-Address to a notepad and put :80 in back of it. For example, and save this for your own record.

Step 7: Now, Copy paste the whole IP with port number ( to your friends to let them connect to your own CS1.6 server. Do not worry about the local ip shown in hlds.exe server window.

Step 8: The important thing to remember is to Copy paste the Local Ip for yourself ( if you, yourself also want to connect your own server.

Please Note:- Port-forwarding Port number 80 is very in-secure, so its recommended that you set a difficult password and username to Wi-fi Router. Not doing this will allow a hacker to view and edit your Router page and settings in it.

Enjoy !


  1. it acculy working


    nice tutorial it worked for me.

  3. How can i connect My Windows8 to Mac Book Air ?
    Both are installed CS 1.6

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