Saturday, September 18, 2010

Unattended Windows 7 x86 or x64 setup

Having an unattended Windows 7 installation DVD saves your precious time and energy. You will not be asked to enter product key, keyboard type, time and currency format, and also you will not be asked to click the next button.

So with unattended Windows 7 DVD or USB you can easily install Windows in a few minutes without touching your mouse and keyboard!

1. Windows 7 ISO file.
2. Blank DVD /4gb Pendrive or external hdd.
3. vLite software.
4. Image extractor such as 7-Zip (free), WinRar, or WinZIP.

1.>> Go to the folder where your Windows 7 ISO file is located and extract the ISO to a new folder. If you already have a Windows 7 DVD, just copy the contents to a new folder.

2.>> Download, install and run vLite to see the mail window. Note that vLite will ask you to install WAIK (Windows Automated Installation Kit), you need to install it. And if you are not in a situation to download the 1300 MB WAIK file, you can follow my how to use vLite directly without installing WAIK.

3.>> In the first vLite window, click on the browse button to select your Windows 7 extracted folder. Click Next button to continue and select version of your choice.

4.>> In the following screen, Task Selection, you need to select unattended setup and Bootable ISO options. Click Next, again.

5. Here you may enter your Windows 7 product key or skip auto activation. Note that you have many options here. I suggest you to enable following options:

Under GENERAL tab.

>> Skip product key.
>> Skip automatic activation.
>> Select this version.
>> Accept EULA certificate.

Under Regional tab.

>> You can specify the language to install well in advance, such as US English.

6. Once you enable all required options and enter the product key, click Apply button.

7. Rebuilding image process will start, and the process may take 10 to 15 minutes.

8. You are almost close to the conclusion. Clicking the Next button will allow you to create or burn image, label your copy and split image. Select burn image to burn your unattended Windows 7 to DVD.

9. Congratulations !!! you have done it, sit back and enjoy unattended Windows 7 setup.


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