Saturday, April 20, 2013

A review about Windows Phone 8 and 7.8 Mobile OS based smartphones.

The following review is with respect to Nokia Lumia Phones running Windows Phone 8 and 7.8.

Display: Super smooth touch, colour reproduction, sharp and bright display.

User Interface: Unique Metro Styled-Tiled User interface but has less support for Landscape use. You will always have to hold the phone to Portrait mode for most tasks. Has no option for customizing screen or Phone book Font size or even locking to Portrait and landscape due to above reason.

Applications: Most use-less apps from unknown developers, you will ever find on this smart phone's Windows Phone Market place. You are likely to crave for good applications.


Some of the best applications available are:
Nokia Drive (Offline GPS)
Nokia Maps
Nokia Music (Paid subscription)
Nokia Play to
Nokia Cinemagraph
Nokia Trailors
Microsoft Office with 360 support.
Microsoft Skydrive
Microsoft Maps
Mircosoft Zune Player
Microsoft Internet Explorer 10
Creative Studio
Camera Extras
Metro Tube/ Tube Pro
In-Built support for major Email-client setups like, GMail, Yahoo, Facebook, Outlook and Custom Mail setup.

More about the Applications:

1. Zune Music & Video Player:
There are No Equaliser settings in Zune Music Player, There is one free to try application for setting equaliser settings. No 3rd party music or video player are available on market.

2. Internet Explorer 10: 
Not up to the mark when compared to 3rd party browser. UC-browser is the only 3rd party Internet Browser available in Market place.

3. Nokia Music: 
The quality of the songs is average since they are meant to be downloaded in shorter time. Also for continuing (after free subscription) you will have to pay for it later on. Note: you will have to buy the subscription from Oxigen partner and later use the key for activation.

4. Support for Google Applications:
No support for Google Products such as Maps, Drive, YouTube  Voice, Gtalk etc. except for Google Mail setup. Microsoft services are not at par with Google ones. YouTube Application on the Market Place is just a URL shortcut which will re-direct you to the IExplorer and then to YouTube mobile site and similarly for maps and other services.

5. Phone Management:
Lacks basic features for logging 3G/2G Data Usage and last call duration  though there is an app for the same called "Counters" its based on pre-inputs from user, which will require you to define your monthly limit for calls, SMS and Data Usage Manually.

6. Skype / Viber:
Skype works just fine.
You are likely to miss a few calls or messages on Viber, if you did not pay attention to your phone or Notification Bar. 

7. CinemaGraph: The most amazing app on the Market place ( Thanks To Nokia ) allows one to record a short video and allows you to specify which part you want to keep animated (moving) and which parts to be kept still along with loop time settings.
The size of each snap is hefty more than 4mb each for obvious reason being a GIF animated image.
The app is now available for IOS platform too.

8.Nokia Drive:
The best GPS application you will ever come across! why ? because it works in offline mode too ! with distance covered, trip meter settings, Voice navigation and Speed gauge. All you have to do is pre-install maps of your region and Voice files of the languages you understand.

9. Microsoft Skydrive and Office360:
They work flawlessly and are well integrated with other applications. Though there is ZERO support for 3rd party cloud storage providers such as Google drives and DropBox.

Temple Run 1 and Mortal combat were released a few weeks before. Angry Birds Star Wars and Fruit Ninja are free to try with locked levels.
Temple Run 1 seriously ? aren't these obsolete games according to you ? Imagine Android/ IOS ppl playing "latest" & "Free" and discussing about them on playstore and Appstore and Windows phone ppl yelling and crying (including me) for apps and games.

>> Most of them cannot be played because of limited RAM of 512MB and even 1GB (For temple Run 1). 
Games will come no doubt but a price or free to try if "NEW", and 100% free If OLD.
Do not expect any new games any sooner.

Camera: Best in class even comparable to all the Android smartphones and Iphone 5 out there. Though Panorama feature is not as smooth and simple as Iphone.

Tethering support:
No USB / Bluetooth Internet sharing supported. Only WiFi internet sharing supported with which, you are likely to drain all your battery juice in a couple of minutes of use.

OS Security:
Its a very secure mobile operating system, you will not have to install an Antivirus application on this phone.

>> No file explorer  or support for exploring LAN shares on your PC. You will need to setup your own FTP or Web server and browse your files from browser only.

>> Support for SAMBA shares is also not present and is limited only from a free to try app.

>> Push SMS notifications after a call or SMS or Data Session are hardly shown. Notification Bar is faulty.

>> You cannot manage your songs, Pictures or Videos without having to install Zune Software for Windows and MAC users. Linux Users will have to rely only on Bluetooth for file sharing.

>> Lacks remote access tools like Teamviewer and Remote desktop Connection is another Paid application.

Price: Nokia have slashed prices of Lumia 820 from Rs. 27000 to Rs. 24000 in just 3 months of its release following with Lumia 920 also.Its just not for the price you will paid for it and the functionalities it will provide.


  1. i was very seriously thinking about buying the lumia 720. i think i'll have to change my mind. which smartphone will you recommend for 18k?

  2. Go for a Nokia Lumia only if you want a good looking phone with a decent camera when compared to a android because after buying this and ditching an android device for a wp 8 device You will seriously feel short of functionality and flexibility you get on any android device.In my opinion if you're looking for something that looks classy then Go for an HTC android device.

  3. Tell me the list of apps you need. I will try to help you out as much as possible. I came from Android WP. I have found almost everything I need.

  4. Moreover don't know why, Nokia took Cinemagraph off their Windows phone 7.8 shelf running on low RAM? just after a month.

  5. Actually I did mention them in my latest review for 620. Check that one.

  6. Thanks for review, it was excellent and very informative.
    thank you :)

  7. hi sir plz help me
    my isp is dvois ssv ion
    popeye hub support this isp
    how to register this hub on my isp


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