Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Windows phone 7.8 Available through Nokia Care

Hello All, Windows phone 7.8 upgrade is finally there via  30 minute upgrade from Nokia Care. So I got my Lumia 510 from them.. and here are the new features added to it...

The tiles now occupy more space allowing more icons, as well as repositioning them to another place and size.

 The Windows phone 7.8 now has full Bluetooth capabilities, which will now allow you to share and receive files such as Pictures and Music.

 It also includes an Ringtone maker, which allows you to pick up a song from your music library and create a max length of 30 sec ringtone.

The Windows phone 7.8 also allows you to set more colored themes to your phone. The list is gone, now its a grid of color squares as option.

The performance of the phone is rather same as well as the battery life. The look and feel is inspired by windows phone 8.

The upgrade is available to all existing Nokia Lumia Phones.


  1. can u give a installation tutorial of it. ?


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