Monday, January 2, 2012

How To Setup PPPOE dialup (Fivenet, MTNL, Hathway) DSL/ADSL connection on Linux Ubuntu, Mint, Fedora, Sabayon

Just wondering on how to create a PPPoE dialup connection ?..Its very simple...:). Follow the steps below to get on ur Broadband pppOe connection in Linux.

1.> On the desktop, Right click on the network icon (whether connected or not connected). Select "Edit Network Connections" option.

2.> This Opens up a Network Connections manager Window, where you will have to Select "DSL" tab, and the press "Add" button to add a new connection.

3.> Here you have to give name to ur connection like, i have given Fivenet, You may give it MTNL, Hathway or any other, USERNAME, PASSWORD, SERVICE-NAME(IF GIVEN). Also Tick the options "For all users" and "Connect automatically". Now select "WIRED" tab.

3.a> Open Terminal, Type "ifconfig" (w/o quotes) and hit enter. Now look for "eth0" index, and copy the mac-id, For example, 00:11:22:33:44:55

4.> In "Wired" tab Copy-Paste this MAC-ID , in the same format and Hit "APPLY" button to save the network.

5.> Final step is to restart your PC once, The next time you switch ON your PC, a Pop-up message may appear to tell you "Broadband connection/Fivenet connected". Now you can directly open ur Web Browser and surf the internet or use other services.


  1. Hey,
    I am having wired internet cable connection with a cisco modem.
    Can i make DC hub for my friends within my ISP...
    m a Youbroadband user....


  2. ok..dude with youbroadband you will be able to create a hub for yourself and frends,but they or you may not get good speeds because ur isp may not have design the network for local use..

  3. hi can u help bro

  4. i am a five net user i want to connect to the hub
    i have done the port forwarding bt still in case i need u to check the settings tru tv

  5. Hi I m buy a dlink dsl n300 router
    It work on fivenet tell me how to do that help me do a tutorial

  6. Can you also make a tutorial on how to configure a wireless router to use with 5net?


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