Tuesday, December 20, 2011

View / Stream your computer screen on your SAMSUNG LED/LCD TV equipped with LAN PORT RJ45

This tutorial will let you stream your PC screen on your Samsung LCD/LED/3D TV. You can refer to my other upcoming Tutorials for doing this work on wireless also.

Its a very long Tutorial but quite intresting and fun to do. ;)

STEP 1: DOWNLOAD Samsung PC Share Manager Software from their site by putting your model number (also to know whether your TV will have this feature or not).

STEP 2: The above step lets you install a Simple Server for your Samsung TVs on your computer. Install the software as you normally do.

STEP 3: In the manager on left side pane, you have to select which folder/directory from your PC/Laptop will be shared, for example, i have shared my Desktop folder by selecting Desktop folder and pressing the first(green bordered) share folder icon.

STEP 4: Saving the settings will put the folder on right pane of manager and will start the server by itself.

STEP 5: Forget Samsung Pc share manager for a while now. Start VLC Player now and select

Wait till i complete this tutorial, i have exam tommorow :) :P


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