Sunday, August 1, 2010

Nokia releases its own OVI browser to compete with opera

Nokia has unveiled its new the beta version of Ovi Browser for Series 40 phones targeting its low-end mobile phones. The new version comes with improved features that offer advanced and rich browsing experience.

“We’re excited to introduce the Ovi Browser beta for Series 40 phones to help meet the needs of mobile Internet users in emerging markets and around the world. We believe users of Series 40 should be entitled to rich web browsing experiences like those of smartphones, but without the same price tag,” the company said in a blog.

The company boasts of delivering advanced web pages in less time than ever to mobile phones through its Internet compression technology.

With its innovative interface the browsers’ favorite web pages can now be directly accessed without having to browse through much across the pages.

Nokia’s Ovi Internet service is an application used for web browsing from mobile devices and computers. The application works through and Nokia offers its services in Games, Messaging, Maps, Music and Media.


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