Sunday, August 1, 2010

Fastest way to share your own data without any limit over the internet

Did you always wanted to share your data without any limits?? due to the email service provider. Now you can share your data very instantly without even logging into your account.

1.> Download this Free Software called "HFS" stands for "http file server".

2.> No installation required and runs very instantly on click.

3.> Go to menu select IP address and further select "find external ip address". This will find your external web address which will be used to share to your friends.

4.> Now select the port no. from above to change port no to any other number up to 65534.

5.> Now on the left pane right click to select "add files" or folder you want to share.

6.> After this you simply copy the ip address with the port no. specified by you.
and share it to your friends.

7.> Your friends will be just clicking over the link pasted by you and will be able to see shared data anywhere in the world.


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