Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hack your Internet Service Provider to use internet on other Pc / Laptop at your home.

1.> What if you wished to update an antivirus program or use internet on other pc when one pc or laptop is not available or just got a new lappy or computer at your home?

2.> An ISP, always locks a MAC address of a pc to which internet service has been provided.

3.> A MAC address is an Unique identifier of any networking device such as wifi card in your laptop or a wired ethernet card in your pc. This Mac address is unique in the world.

4.> The format of a mac address is 00:11:22:33:44:xx:yy.

5.> To view your MAC address in windows, open command prompt, and type "getmac" (w/o quotes). or type "ipconfig /all" (w/o quotes).

6.> These commands will list all the mac addresses of the networking devices in your computer.

7.> Copy the mac address of the device with which you use internet on a paper.

8.> and,on "Another computer" open "network and sharing center" for vista/windows 7 users and "network connections" for win xp users.

9.> windows 7/vista users will then select "network adapters" to view network connections window.

11.> Now press "configure" button to view this window and choose "Advance" tab.

12.> Now find "network address" or "address" like words in the column. Here
you have to click over the "value" button to see a insert field like this.

13.> Now in this blank field, type down the mac address you noted from the 1st computer, without the ":" colon mark. For example, 00112233xxyy.

14.> Now you are done. Your network card will restart with new spoofed MAC ADDRESS.

15.> Now you can easily login into internet on another pc / laptop computer at your home.

16.> Note that if you and your friends have same internet service provider, you can also do this trick at thier place too and login into your account.


    There is 1 question that is buggin' me. Suppose if I'm using "chitchat" franchise of "fivenet" & my friend is using "swastik" again a franchise of "fivenet". So, will I be able to use his connection as both of us are belongin' to the same ISP, i.e."fivenet".
    BTW this technique is super awesome anyhow.

  2. but doing that downloading speed sucks for torrent

  3. It has nothing to do with speed. It doesn't affect speed at any step. Its all about authentication based on Mac addresses.

  4. i am having packet losses problem and even my isp is clueless so as to the reason and solution, it shows a % of packet loss in a test from due to which i am facing lags in my online games. one of my friend has a same plan as me but from different isp he has 0% loss. all my wires are okay my isp checked those.
    I dont have a router i have been provided with a direct lan connection
    pls help and provide me with a solution if u have one

  5. @Ganesh, Please check your LAN card by typing this command in Commmand Prompt:-
    ping 1270.0.01 -t
    This result should be 0% loss.

    Another way is, to reset your LAN card configuration to Default and check the ping.

    Also, if possible bring your friend's laptop or desktop and see if there are losses.

    Most likely reason could be , WRONG cable Crimping configuration OR a damaged LAN Card.

  6. LOL @softwareking, there will be obviously be a packet loss :P it will treat both of ur systems as one :P so if both of them are connected the same time, packets will be lost
    -Haxor T0du

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