Saturday, July 24, 2010

Change "Logon screen" or "welcome screen" in Windows 7

Bored with the old welcome screen of your windows 7 ? then lets change it to our own favorite wallpaper.

1.> Download this software called "Logon studio" from here.

2.> Install it and press start button to open start menu to search for "logon studio"
(a desktop icon is not installed), to get this screen below.

3.> Press "create" button on the left hand side to open a browse window, where you can specify the path of the desired wallpeper.

4.> And click "save" button to save this wallpaper in to your collection.

5.> When you want to apply a wallpaper as a welcome or log-on screen, you should first select the wallpapers in the collection and hit "apply" button.

6.The logo-on studio will bring you to the log-on screen with your own wallpaper of choice.

7.> Congratulate yourself, you now have your own welcome screen in windows7.

8.> Note that this software works with Windows 7, Xp and Windows Vista.


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