Thursday, October 4, 2012

How to play NFS Most Wanted like LAN via internet with your friends.

Aim Of Tutorial : To Play NFS-MostWanted in LAN via Internet (online) with your Friends using Game Ranger.

NFS Most Wanted is one of the top LAN games played in the world, What if you could play on LAN via internet with your friends ?

So here is a simple tutorial  to play NFS-MW online. Assuming you have already installed the game, Follow the steps carefully:-

1.> Download GameRanger Software and start its installation, while installing it will ask you to register with them using your E-mail ID and password set by you.

2.> The installation will continue after registration and bring up 2 separate windows with one having a long list of online gaming servers of Age of Empires and NFS-Most Wanted etc and another your online friends list.

3.> Your other friends should follow the same steps till here. By default GameRanger automatically detects the games installed in your PC ( if installed in Windows Drive) otherewise you will need to browse for the speed.exe file to tell GameRanger where is Mostwanted installed on your drive.

4.> After doing above steps, any one of your friends can HOST the game by pressing HOST button on Right TOP corner of the GameRanger Window.

5.> A separate ROOM (chat window) for the hosted game is created where you can invite your friends and other online people to JOIN your server, there you can ask your friends to be ready and START the game by pressing "Start" button in right below ( other users will not get this "Start" button since you are hosting it).

6.> As soon as you press START, every friend's screen will get locked and NFS most wanted game will start automatically on everyone's screen. They just need to press the "Continue" Button and gameranger will do the rest.

7.> Game Ranger will automatically enter your and their Game-Ranger nick and create the server and even connect to it and ask for the game type you want to start like Circuit or Sprint etc. After you setup the game preferences,

8.> Your friends will automatically reach the Start Line where they can choose Bonus and Stock cars and start playing.......Enjoy :)


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