Wednesday, July 25, 2012

PowerLine Networking

PowerLine Networking a new concept of Network solution for Home and Small Offices.

Its an amazing upcoming technology, with which you will no longer need to lay down costly CAT5/5E cables and Switches to set your PCs and other networked devices such as Smart TV's, Mobile phones, Laptops in LAN to share resources such as Internet, Files, Printers etc.

With this technology, you only have to plug-in a Power Line Adapters (atleast 2 in number) to a Standard Wall Electrical Socket to 2 different rooms or area, tadaaa!!!!!! you are done! the adapters will find each other via Electrical Wires carrying 110V-230V Voltage !! which were already there for years!

What Is A Powerline Network?
Your home already has a network of wires in it that connect every room in the house. These are the wires that provide each room with electricity. Normally, these wires are used for only that task, but it is possible to turn them into a way of conveying data like any other wire.

>> This is exactly what a powerline network does. Power line Networking can be used in a home to interconnect home computers and peripherals, and home entertainment devices that have an Ethernet port.

>> The Powerline adapter sets plug into power outlets and establish an Ethernet connection using the existing electrical wiring in the home. (Power strips with filtering may absorb the power line signal).

>> This allows devices to share video and data without the inconvenience of running dedicated network cables.

>> Doing this has no effect on the normal function of the electrical wires, either – all your power outlets will continue to work normally

Advantages of a PowerLine networking:


>> It's inexpensive.
>> It uses existing electrical wiring.

>> Every room of a typical house has several electrical outlets.

>> It's easy to install.

>> A printer, or any other device that doesn't need to be directly connected to a computer.

>> Sniffing can be avoided to some extent in a dedicated link.

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