Sunday, July 1, 2012

Best Configuration for a Continous Downloads Freak !! "Downloading PC"

Aim: To make a 24/7 Running Downloads/Uploads PC which consumes less power.

Motherboard : Intel Desktop Board D425KT with Embedded Intel Atom Single Core Processor at 1.8GHz ------------------------------------> Rs.3500

2GB DDR3 800 Corsair Value RAM          ------------> Rs.750

Iball/Circle nano cabinet (Mini/Micro ITX)  --------> Rs.1800

500gb Hard-Disk WD/Seagate               ---------> Rs.3500

Belkin USB Wi-Fi Adaptor                   ----------> Rs.650  (optional, if you want this box to be at some other location in your house) 
D-link DIR-600L Wireless N150 Router ----------> Rs.1500

Total ------------------------------>Rs.11,700 (with wireless connection)


You can use this configuration with your existing PC's monitor by setting up Team viewer via LAN connection, and then accessing it via Screen sharing.
  • It is required that you have Router/Switch to share internet connection with this new PC.
  • Obviously you can use your old Cabinet to setup all the components too.
  • Connections can be made Wired or Wireless via Router.

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