Friday, February 10, 2012

How to share Internet from a 3G/ Broadband USB-Modem using AD-HOC networking

Aim of Tutorial: To share Internet connection from a 3G/ Broadband USB type Modem using AD-HOC networking.

Consider the following Scenario:-

1. Plug in the 3G modem to your Desktop/ Laptop, as usual you do for internet access but do not start or dial this connection.

2.> Now Create a Wireless ad-hoc network from Network ans Sharing center by selecting "Setup a new connection or network" as shown below:

3.> Press Next, to setup this ad-hoc network.

4.> Next, Put a desired Network name, you wish to be shown, when users try finding your network on wifi.

5.> Select, Security type as WPA2-Personal and Enter a 8 or more digit, desired Password / key in the field.

6.> As your network sets up, Go to Network and Sharing Center >> Change Adapter settings, to find the USB-Modem's Adapter Icon.

7.> Right Click on it to view its Properties, Select Sharing tab and Tick the "Allow other network users to connect through this computer's internet." option and select Wireless Local Connection from the list.

8.> A message saying," The settings will take place after next time a connection is made" may come, Hit OK to save this.

9.> Now Dial/connect the USB modem on your PC/ Laptop.

10.> You Friends, should now be able to access Internet on their Laptops, connected to your own (My shared Internet) ad-Hoc network after entering the security key, you have setup


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