Saturday, October 16, 2010

How to slim down Windows 7 to make it work more faster and lite

Slim down a Windows 7 image (iso) easily with Vlite software. Slimming Windows 7 is easy and fast, also it allows users to boot this OS from a 2 gb pendrive and takes up low space of about 5 gb only compared to 7.5 gb of the original. The slimming is done by removing unecessary windows components which we rarely use, the other advantage of slimming down windows 7 is to install it faster!! the best and easiest way to do so is to use a software called Vlite available free to download. You will also need WAIK to run this program, but you can refer to the other tutorial of using VLite without WAIK.

1.>> The first step is to copy the contents of a dvd image(iso) to a folder in a specific drive.

2.>> Install Vlite and run it as administrator, the first screen you see above asks you to browse the folder in which you have extracted the image of Windows 7 disk.

3.>> After browsing the folder, it detects and loads the windows files and may ask you to select the version to be modified. for example, am choosing Windows 7 ultimate.

4.>> Next step is to select the tasks which you want to perform on this copy of windows. Some of the available tasks are as follows:

5.>> Here you will select the "Components" and "Tweaks" or just components if you dont want any other services to be stopped after completing installtion.

6.>> Under "Components" you can remove the following components and files:

Sample pictures , Sample videos , games , media center , internet explorer , windows defender, windows update lots more....but remember to remove only unecessary components other wise your windows may fail to install.

7.>> Next comes the tweaking task, this will allow you to disable or manual the services just after windows installation. Tweaking to be done very carefully as you may not know the reason why some specific task is not being done by windows, so choose wisely.

8.>> Next you will be allowed to split the image if you want the iso files to be written on a cd. Or you can start building the new image by saving the iso file at a destination which can be later burned on a disk or a Pendrive.

9.>> yooohoo!! you have done it !! :)


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