Sunday, August 8, 2010

Burn multiple operating systems in single DVD

Are you fed up of handling so many cd's/dvd's for each operating system ?
then here's a trick to carry them in one dvd which are all bootable.

1.>> Download Easyboot from here.
2.>> Install and run the Easyboot, to see two windows, one comprising a set of options and another containing a the option decorative screen to set your options of booting.

3.>> Setup prefrences as required on the menustyle..for example you may wish only 2 operating systems..and so o goest the look and feel of the option screen.

4.> Note that this screen would be shown when you will be booting this dvd.

5.> After designing your template you should save your changes under the file menu.
you may be greeted with some error messages but dont worry, we will be working upon it.

6.> Now comes difficult part to do you will also require another software to extract the iso files.

7.> Am using ultraiso software to load the iso file of the os, and extract to this folder.

8.> After this you have to


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