Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Solve compatibility issues in Windows 7

After Windows Vista launch many people faced problem with compatibility issues with programs which use to run in windows XP very well, therefore even after launch of windows 7 people have not migrated to it having a thought of facing compatibility problems with it.

But today in this post, i will be showing you how to set compatibility for a program to run in windows 7, which was actually meant to run in Windows Vista or XP.

This method will also be applicable in installing certain type of drivers of old windows.

1.> This trick is very short and simple, all you have to do is just right click over the Executable file of a program/application and choose its "Properties" option.

2.> Now you should see a window with loads of tabs such as security, icons etc. There's one another tab in the second row called "Compatiblility". Click over it and tick mark over the dimmed box to enable, "Run this program in compatibilty mode".

3.> Now Just below it you should see a drop down list having all the operating systems with thier service packs listed, for ex. windows xp sp2, sp1 windows vista sp1, sp2.

4.> Select the operating system with which your program may run (you can change this property any time) and apply these settings and run it as administrator.

5.> The Program should now run sucessfully, if it doesn't then try another serpice pack or another operating system from the list, else download a newer version of it which maintains compatibility with newer OS.


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