Sunday, July 25, 2010

Monitor the Energy Power Requirements of Your PC

Joulemeter is a simple application created in Microsoft Research Labs designed to measure the energy used by your computer. Its purpose can be extended to calculating the power required by virtual machines, servers, desktops and noteboks. Even individual software running on the computer can be measured in terms of electricity usage as each program comes with specific stress on the system’s hardware components.

Installing the app does not require too much effort from your part. There are no extra programs pushed in, just Joulemeter all way through. It will install as a service on the system and immediately start monitoring the main components of the system that fluctuate in power usage.

Its free to download from this link.

Main application window is as simple as can be. It shows three tabs, but only one is of continuous interest to you: the one displaying the power usage statistics. There is nothing scary about it except for the values it draws from monitoring the components. Depending on their current load, the values for the CPU and disk fluctuate in Joulemeter. We noticed that a simple file copy or move operation automatically impacts on the power usage of the disk increasing the watts in the application (proportional with the speed of the job). The same behavior was recorded the moment we started to stress the central processing unit.


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